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Are you looking for an exciting career in the automotive and marine aftermarket? Eddie Motorsports was founded in 1993 and continues to manufacture and distribute high quality marine and automotive products, specializing in billet aluminum, which is made exclusively in the USA at its Rancho Cucamonga, California facility. Eddie Motorsports is known for its superior quality billet hood and trunk hinges as well as serpentine pulley systems, which are available in a variety of finishes and configurations. Eighteen state-of-the-art computerized machines, in-house powder coating, and a custom welding shop help make Eddie Motorsports’ machine shop churn out some of the best products on the market.


The Marketing/Product Manager Associate position will require:

Writing product marketing copy, descriptions, and instructions. Basic photo editing, naming, and cataloging. Work with graphic designer to create marketing materials including catalogs, flyers, email blasts, sell sheets, print and digital ads New product costing, part numbering, and data management. Daily management of social media and website, including content creation MAP pricing program monitoring Maintain trade show/event calendar and coordinate all aspects including booking, display and collateral. Managing Sponsorship requests Solid automotive knowledge with a familiarity or experience in the performance automotive aftermarket Exceptional writing and copy editing skills Advanced knowledge of Excel and Word Experience with social media Basic knowledge of Google Analytics Basic photo shop knowledge Photography and video shooting and editing experience a plus. Candidate must be willing to quickly gain a complete confidence and knowledge of our product line, its features and benefits and applications. Click here for more information and to apply.






While Eddie Motorsports might be your number one choice of custom billet parts, you may not be aware that we can help refinish the rest of your project. We can make your old parts look like new! Through the Fusioncoat program, Eddie Motorsports offers sandblasting, powder coating, and ceramic coating. Even large items like a frame are no problem! Once dirty and rusty parts have been sandblasted, they are ready to go into our 20-foot oven. New parts require no prep. Besides our standard powder coat colors, we have hundreds of custom colors in stock and others we can special order for an additional charge. For ceramic coating exhaust components like headers, we offer two finishes: Matte Black (up to 2,000 degrees) and Bright Silver (up to 1,300 degrees). Long-tube headers typically cost $250 in silver and $350 in black, while shorty headers are $125 in silver and $175 in black. Call 909-945-2830 for additional details on pricing any of these services.

Services offered:

Sandblasting Powder coating Ceramic coating




Want more info on these services?

Click here for this story by Chevy High Performance:

If you’re building a car, you have three choices for refinishing the various metal bits involved: painting, plating, or powdercoating (also known as electrostatic painting). Powdercoating may seem new and high-tech, but it’s actually been around for over 40 years. Once used primarily for industrial applications, today it’s become a very popular option for getting a durable and good-looking finish on parts for our classic Chevys.

To check out the process firsthand, we dropped by Eddie Motorsports in Rancho Cucamonga, California, to follow along as they powdercoat some parts for a Camaro project we’re working on.


Or here for this one by Street Rodder:

After this truck frame and miscellaneous trim pieces were soda and copper blasted at Cal Blast, they were delivered to Fusioncoat, a powdercoating company owned by Eddie Borges (of Eddie Marine/Motorsport fame) based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Fusioncoat has been around since 1997 and they have coated everything from car wheels to suspension parts, engine parts and air cleaners, and everything else in between. And where anodizing is a plating process where a dye is added to create a color, powdercoating is accomplished by negatively grounding the item to be coated, then positively charging a powder media that gets shot through a gun at low pressure and, when it hits the negatively grounded part, the powder sticks. What’s more, Fusioncoat can also do two-stage powdercoating that gives the finish a pearlized or candied appearance.




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We’re hard at work finishing our display. We upgraded to a bigger space in 2014 and are filling it up quickly! We’re in booth #23095 in Hot Rod Alley. We are adding more engine displays to show off the many varieties of Serpentine Pulley kits we offer. And we are bringing along a new Camaro display. Our customers will now be able to get a first hand experience of feeling how well our billet aluminum hood hinges work. So stop by and visit us in booth #23095 in Hot Rod Alley. Hope to see you there!



We recently purchased two new Haas VF2 CNC mills and they are now up and running and cutting aluminum. These are the smallest or our 14 machines.

The guys at Chevy High Performance magazine installed one of our small block Chevy S.drive Serpentine Pulley systems. Check it out!

My how time flies! Just picked out our SEMA booth for this year. We will still be in Hot Rod Alley but made a nice little move to the back row next to our friends in HRIA/ARMO booth#23297