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Fusioncoat: Everything You Need to Know. The Ultimate in Powder Coating.

While Eddie Motorsports might be your number one choice of custom billet parts, you may not be aware that we can help refinish the rest of your project. We can Make your old parts look like new! Through the Fusioncoat program, Eddie Motorsports offers sandblasting powder coating, and ceramic coating. Even large items like a frame are no problem! Once dirty and rusty parts have been sandblasted, they are ready to go into our 20-foot oven. New parts require no prep. Besides our standard powder coat colors, we have hundreds of custom colors in stock and others we can special order for an additional charge. For ceramic coating exhaust components like headers, we offer two finishes: Matte Black (up to 2,000 degrees) and Bright Silver (up to 1,300 degrees). Long-tube headers typically cost $250 in silver and $350 in black, while shorty headers are $125 in silver and $175 in black. Call 909-645-2830 for additional details on pricing on any of these services.

Services offered:
Sandblasting - Powder coating - Ceramic coating