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Eddie Motorsport’s new line of Billet Aluminum Door Handles and Window Cranks are both beautiful and functional. With a thicker configuration, our handles have a more solid feel than the “petite” street rod style handles that are currently available. The Window Cranks are 5 1/4” long and Vent Window Cranks are 3 3/4” long and both include a billet knob. The Door Handles are 5 3/4” long. All of the handles feature a base that is 2” to cover the upholstery cutouts from most existing OEM handles. The Eddie Motorsports Billet Aluminum Door Handles & Window Cranks feature a heavy duty aluminum 16 spline insert that is compatible with GM and Ford applications and prevents wearing out and stripping, a common occurrence with original and imported pot petal handles. The billet handles are available in four distinct styles and in a variety of custom finishes including chrome plating. Specify finish when ordering. Handles are sold in pairs.