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Accessorize Your LS Engine With Eddie Motorsports

"It’s no secret that LS swaps have dominated the muscle car, hot rod, and resto-mod market for years, and as such, fitting that modern LS- or LT-based power plant into your ride is easier than ever. These modern engines offer all their power and performance as well as many creature comforts to those vehicles where they are planted. Thanks to Eddie Motorsports, getting your engine’s accessories to look as great as they work is simple...."
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SEMA 2022: Eddie Motorsports Aims At The First-Generation Mustang

"Known for its line of billet components for everything from classic muscle cars to modern-day hot rods, Eddie Motorsports is using SEMA to show off its latest line of prototype parts. In particular, parts for the first generation of Ford Mustang..."
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Install: Eddie Motorsports Trunk Hinges

"Eddie Motorsports are known for a wide variety of billet accessories including hood hinges and serpentine systems. We were recently poking around on their site ordering up a set of hood hinges for our 1955 Bel Air project and saw they made trunk hinges for it too...."
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Fuel Tank Vents
Written by Kev Elliott

"My lakes-racing Model A roadster pickup uses an Aeromotive 6.2-gallon aluminum fuel tank, with an internal 340-lph Stealth fuel pump. It has four ports: the ORB-8 outlet, an AN-8 return line port, and two AN-8 vents with rollover valves. I’d plumbed the latter two with oversize rubber tubing and hose clamps as a stop-gap measure when I first raced the car, but figured..."
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Hinging on Greatness: Project 1PDQ55 Gets New Hinges from Eddie Motorsports
Words and Photos by Shawn Brereton

"There is nothing more convincing to me than seeing something in action and knowing it works. My friend Bobby VanWart has had a set of Eddie Motorsports hinges on his '55 since it was finished in 2013 and loves them, so I did a little research and found Eddie's hinges rose to the top of my list."
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Eddie Motorsports Introduces Billet Hood Hinges for 1947-54 Chevy Trucks

Eddie Motorsports has developed billet aluminum hood hinges for 1947-54 Chevrolet pickups. According to the company, these trucks were notorious for the awkward geometry of their stock hood hinges.

Eddie Motorsports Releases New Show Quality Interior Door Handles

"Eddie Motorsports is known for making show quality components that seriously elevate the looks of any vehicle. Their newest release is a line of precision CNC machine 6061-T6 aluminum interior door handles. These billet handles are a custom alternative to cheap pot metal ripoffs. They are available in various designs and finishes. Learn more in the official release from Eddie Motorsports below."

Big Block Mopar Front Drive System from Eddie Motorsports

"Sometimes finding the right front drive kit can be a bit of a challenge, especially in older cars and even more so for the MOPAR crowd. Often times, the forgotten step child, MOPAR kits are harder to come by than the typical SBC applications.

That’s the niche that Eddie Motorsports is filling with their new Big Block Mopar 383-426-440 Serpentine Pulley Drive System."
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Add Style to Your Tri-Five Chevy with Some Billet Goodies from Eddie Motorsports

Tricking out your Tri-Five: Cutting-edge parts from Eddie Motorsports help add style to your ride. "The team at Eddie Motorsports has been engineering custom billet components for the automotive enthusiasts since 2009, utilizing their state-of-the art CNC mills and lathes to produce plenty of products for a number of Chevrolet and Ford models."

Installing Eddie Motorsports' Serpentine Drive Belt System

Check out HotRod Network's article written by March 20, 2015. "Serpentine drive belt systems have been standard equipment on new vehicles for quite some time. Much more efficient than multiple V-belt drives due to reduced friction, a single, flat drive belt also allows all the driven accessories to be on the same plane, making the font of the engine much more compact...".

Eddie Motorsports Ford Falcon Billet Hood Hinges
Hinging on success. Editor: Nick Licata

"With the car running great, and the killer suspension holding its ground, it was time to dip into some simple bolt-on accessories under the hood to get the car looking a little better."
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Eddie Motorsports S-Drive Serpentine Kit Install-Driven

The privileged just can’t wait to get the latest and greatest offerings in the aftermarket. For us, though, our install this month consisted of a well-liked upgrade—the serpentine drivebelt system. Its tight, clean, and simplistic design makes the perfect addition.

Click here for this story by Chevy High Performance:

If your're building a car, you have three choices for refinishing the various metal bits involved: paining, plating, or powdercoating (also known as electrostatic painting). Powdercoating may seem new and high-tech. but it's actually been around for over 40 years. Once used primarily for industrial applications, today it's become a very popular option for getting a durable and good-looking finish on parts for our classic Chevys.

"To check out the process firsthand, we dropped by Eddie Motorsports in Rancho Cucamonga, California, to follow along as they powdercoat some parts for a Camaro project we're working on..."

Click here for this story by Street Rodder:

After this truck frame and miscellaneous trim pieces were soda and copper blasted at Cal Blast, they were delivered to Fusioncoat, a powdercoating company owned by Eddie Borges (of Eddie Marine/Motorsport fame) based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Fusioncoat has been around since 1997 and they have coated everything from car wheels to suspension parts, engine parts and air cleaners, and everything else in between. And where anodizing is a plating process where a dye is added to create a color, powdercoating is accomplished by negatively grounding the item to be coated, then positively charging a powder media that gets shot through a gun at low pressure and, when it hits the negatively grounded part, the powder sticks. What’s more, Fusioncoat can also do two-stage powdercoating that gives the finish a pearlized or candied appearance.

Eddie Motorsports' Billet Aluminum Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Brackets

"Designed to allow for mounting in any position, the unique construction and easy function of Eddie's brackets are unsurpassed by others. With a simple pull of a stainless steel quick pin, the extinguisher..."

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Eddie Motorsports New Steering Wheels article from Super Chevy

In this Super Chevy article "Be sure to check out this months issue of CHP where we cover the replacement of a '55 Chevy's steering column with a much cooler piece thanks to Eddie Motorsports, Hot Rod Specialties, and Flaming River.".

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